La Casa Morada Tulum brings you this practical guide with tips for furnish and decorate your holiday rental apartment in a boho, chic and natural style.

Amuebla tu departamento de renta vacacional al estilo boho chic

The Riviera Maya is an earthly paradise. Its locations, the streets and the Caribbean lifestyle make it the favorite destination of tourists around the world. The tendency to stay in vacation rental departments is gaining ground every day to the hotel and has become the choice of more and more travelers. Furnishing your vacation rental department in the Riviera Maya can be a challenge. You must take into account factors such as the number of people you can accommodate, what elements to use in each space and the weather.


The accommodation capacity of your apartment depends on the quantity and size of the beds you choose. To get the most out, in the main room, place a king size bed and in the second bedroom two double beds or bunk beds. This way you can easily host a family or a group of friends.

Decorar recámara boho chic

For the color of the bedrooms, cold colors are recommended in light tones that facilitate rest. For decoration, you can use a piece of macramé or a dream catcher made of cotton thread. You can also use a rattan basket for towels and sheets. For the closet we recommend open designs that allow easy ventilation and avoid problems with Caribbean humidity.

Remember that to keep the rooms with a clean and positive energy, it is recommended not to place televisions or mirrors.

Macramé para recámaras

Living room

The room is a point of coexistence in the department, so it is important that furniture facilitate communication and interaction. It is recommended to place two individual wooden armchairs and a different loveseat that stands out to give a special touch. We also recommend placing a sofa bed for more accommodation capacity.

The coffee table is the main focal point of the room, so we recommend using an iconic piece that attracts attention. You can choose a rustic table made of exotic wood or tree roots. You can also use a table made of apparent concrete with a minimalist style that lasts a long time. As for the side tables you can use 2 contemporary pieces that combine wood with straight lines and geometric patterns that distinguish themselves from the rustic style of the central table.

Mesas laterales de concreto

Speaking of lighting, we recommend placing hanging lamps in the living room as well as in the bedrooms. Choose resistant materials such as bejuco, palm, linen or natural fibers and warm lighting or yellow light.

Dining room and kitchen

In the dining room use a table for 6 people and on the breakfast bar place 2 to 4 benches. Illuminate with chic lamps that give atmosphere to the space.

Another common element of the dining room is the buffet where you can place decorative elements. On the buffet you can place a large mirror that makes the space seem wider and helps the energy to flow.

In your kitchen you will need a couple of cabinets to store the dishes. Be sure to choose open and ventilated designs.

Balcony or rooftop

To adapt your balcony or rooftop you need to use outdoor furniture. Choose designs made with aluminum or blacksmithing and sunbrella fabrics to maximize life time. 2 chairs and 1 table are generally used for the balcony, you can opt for the famous Acapulco chairs.

On the rooftop you can place a pergola or a sapote wood palapa with half shade and half light to keep the area cool. In addition, lounge chairs can be used next to the pool and jacuzzi.

How to make the furniture in your holiday rental department last longer?

A super important issue when choosing your furniture is the type of wood from which they are made. Solid woods are the most recommended because they are of better quality and have much longer life. At La Casa Morada Tulum we work with tropical hardwoods such as cedar, jabin and stewed pine.

On the other hand, there are woods that move like tzalam and over time become twisted. Nor are triplay or MDF furniture recommended, since with the humidity of the Caribbean the wood swells and generates termites.

General advice

As for decorative accessories, we recommend keeping them to a minimum. Remember to choose objects that are easily inventory to keep a good control. Materials such as concrete and marble are a good idea.

An excellent option to decorate your spaces and give them life are plants. If you want to place some in your vacation rental department, remember that they require care and should be watered every 3 or 4 days. Hanging plants, cacti and mountains are easy to care for.

Take care that the apartment is well ventilated. If it is not being used we recommend turning on the air conditioner every third day to avoid humidity.

How much does it cost to furnish a complete vacation rental apartment?

The budget varies from project to project, but it can cost you between $ 100,000 and $ 300,000 to furnish the entire apartment. The price varies depending on the pieces and materials you choose. You decide the style of your space, but remember that the better the experience you offer, the more you can charge.