There is nothing better than the aroma of coffee at any time of the day. If you also think like that and are looking for good coffee shops in the town of Tulum, check out this list that we have for you.

Cara Feliz

Do you love coffee? Are you looking for a quiet and pleasant place to enjoy a book or work? Visit Cara Feliz, a cafeteria with a wide selection of books and high speed internet. That’s not all, you can also order a beer or a drink and play with your friends one of his many board games. Definitely a unique place. Don’t forget to ask for your loyalty card! 😀


Do you want coffee but your companion ice cream? Go to the Campanella. Enjoy its variety of drinks and its many flavors of ice cream, waffles and sandwiches. Visit its branches in the town of Tulum or in the hotel zone. How about two ice cream balls dipped in espresso coffee? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Tulum Art Club

If you like art, you have to visit Tulum Art Club, a cafeteria with a unique atmosphere where paintings and works by different artists are exhibited. In addition, you can participate in activities such as live drawing and music sessions. The cafeteria has work spaces and high speed internet. Join the community of artists, musicians, producers and photographers of Tulum.

Mel & Jo’s

Don’t you know Mel & Jo’s yet? Discover this new concept of deli, coffee and bar on the av. Satellite of the town of Tulum. Discover its rich breakfasts, bowls, salads and sandwiches. If you don’t fancy coffee, you can always order something from the bar. A carajillo, maybe?


Enjoy a coffee or yogurt ice cream at Prieto, a cafe located on the most famous street in the town of Tulum. Spend a pleasant time at your tables on the sidewalk and try their rich selection of paninis. Breakfast, lunch, lunch or dinner. Also try its variety of juices ideal to start the day.

And you, do you know any other coffee shops in the town of Tulum?
Great coffee shops in the town of Tulum