Let’s know the Riviera Maya without spending all our savings in the first week. Check out these tips we have for you on how to save money on your trip. When it comes to taking your bags and venturing into this jungle, it is a good idea to think about ways to save and not spend all your money at the first stop.


Let’s start with your plane tickets. Get ready and check the seasons when prices go down. In the months of February, April, May, October and November flights are cheaper. Use apps like Skyscanner or the Google Flights price tracker,

Find the means of transportation and compare your costs whether ADO, van or taxi. You can search the social networks for information on how much the routes cost and thus avoid being charged 300 pesos for a trip of only 40. You can also choose to buy a bike in groups online. In the Riviera Maya, people choose to transport themselves more ecologically; Not to mention the money you can save using one.


You have to take into account the costs of staying in the Riviera Maya, since there are a lot of options very close to the main streets. From all-inclusive hotels to single rooms for one or two people with costs of 300 pesos a night. Another option preferred by travelers are the hostels, where you can meet people from all over the world and for only $ 150 a night, you can occupy a bed in a shared room with 3 people or more. You can also try your luck in applications like couchsurfing to not spend anything.


There are many options for eating without spending large amounts of money. You can eat in local kitchens or in local villages asking for some eggs with sausage or some chilaquiles with chicken along with a glass of fresh fruit water for only 50 pesos.


You can really know many things without spending, from the beaches, villages, archaeological zones and museums. You can also buy snorkeling equipment and see sealife on this side of the planet. Go to great parties on the beach and meet a lot of people.

We hope these tips help you and if you have another tip on how to save money on your trip leave it in the comments.

Remember that before venturing you must have as much information as you can., Use the NUSH map and check the profile of thousands of places where you can have fun.